About Us

QUEST Education – an overview

QUEST Education sal is an academic center and online school based in Beirut, Lebanon. It is founded for the purpose of providing education and support to high school students in Lebanon as they prepare for local and international colleges. It also offers a wide variety of programs, workshops, and online courses aiming to fill a gap in the Lebanese educational system, and to make it easy and simple to offer world-class education for all.

It is evident that there is a lack of educational support in Lebanon when it comes to preparing high school students for university. Students are facing limited options when they arrive to the end of their high school journey, with only a few good but expensive local universities opening their doors to them, and what seems to be a rare option of travelling to study abroad. A segment of high school graduates are also obliged to drop university and invest their time in making a living and supporting themselves and their families.

Aspiring to quench the thirst for education and academic support that is accessible to all; QUEST Education offers its services through different academic structures:

Cambridge Management and Leadership School online courses

On February 2, 2018, QUEST Education acquired a license from Cambridge Management and Leadership School (CMLS) to operate and represent its branch in Lebanon. CMLS is a unique, modern and innovative academic institution founded on principles of excellence, innovation, equality and opportunity for all. It offers a world-class, rigorous, innovative, and interdisciplinary curriculum to students from all over the world entirely online.

Courses are available 24/7, allowing students to register, study, and manage their own time online, at an affordable rate that competes with tuition fees of on-campus educational institutions. These courses are accessible and appealing to all those who would like to pursue an education with limited time and budget.

Assistance for high school students
This includes orientation programs; workshops on how to choose a major, how to develop an essay, and how to fill an application form; SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, and MATH test preparations in order to apply to international universities in Europe, Canada and the United States; as well as portfolio preparations for students applying to art schools. In addition, courses in Chinese, coding, robotics, mini engineering, and chess are offered; as well as workshops on time management, stress management, and public speaking.
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is held monthly at the center.

Arts and culture workshops
Quest education aims to provide a cultural hub for youth and adults to help them tap into their full potential through numerous interactive workshops and courses. Themes covered range from history of art, business art, and contemporary art, to life coaching, theater, chess, languages, and much more. Cultural activities and visits to museums and galleries are also included. The center also organizes lectures on new artists and art movements in the world, offered by international renowned professionals.

Continuing education services
The center provides workshops and trainings for those who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in any particular field. This includes employees who are looking to advance in their career and workplace, or employers who are willing to invest in their employees and contribute to their success and the success of the business.

About the founders

Lara Hanna Debs

Lara Hanna Debs is a mother of three children and an active philanthropist through several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Lebanon. She holds an MBA from the Lebanese American University (LAU). In December 2007, she co-founded the environmental NGO Green Cedar Lebanon in response to the devastating forest fires that swept through the country. Together with co-founder Pascale Choueiry Saad, she wrote and produced two books entitled “Green Lebanon” and “The Book and Pledge of Eternity”, both of which received the support of former Minister of Interior and Municipalities Ziad Baroud, and were sold overseas to the Lebanese Diaspora at book signing events in Dubai and Paris. For Green Cedar Lebanon, Lara also created bracelets in the shape of Cedar trees, which were sold on Middle East Airlines flights. Together these initiatives raised close to USD 500,000, of which USD 100,000 was used to help purchase two fire-fighting helicopters. Elsewhere, Lara has employed her handcrafted bracelets as a key fundraising drive for various charities, such as producing a special line of bracelets for humanitarian organization Caritas, with proceeds going toward helping families facing financial difficulties, and raising USD 30,000 for the Chance Association (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) to fund cancer treatments for children. Following the unfortunate deaths of Lebanese soldiers, Lara joined forces with Pascale Choueiry Saad again to create special army bracelets. Up until early 2018, sales of these bracelets has raised USD 60,000 for the Lebanese army, providing financial support to bereaved families.In March 2015, Lara and 14 other fellow event marketing and planning students from the USJ-affiliated Université pour Tous, created and hosted the “J’invite Maman au Music Hall” event, which raised USD 63,000 in one night. The entire proceeds went to single mothers facing difficulty paying their children’s university fees. Lara is also a “Takreem Initiative” member, active in the environment and nature conservation board. In 2017, Lara co-founded QUEST Education along with Yasha Sfeir Kassardjian.

Yasha Sfeir Kassardjian

Yasha Sfeir Kassardjian is a passionate educator. Her commitment, dedication, and love for kids, allowed her to confront the many challenges an educator faces, persevering and succeeding over the years. She holds a Bachelor degree in Sciences of Education and Teaching from Saint-Joseph University (USJ). Her career began at 18 years old when she worked as an instructor and then as an assistant director at a summer camp in Fakra, while doing her studies. In 2000, Yasha joined “College Louise Wegmann” school as a primary school French and math teacher. Over the years, she attended in parallel numerous seminars in the field of education. In 2017th, Yasha accepted the proposal of her close friend Lara Hanna Debs to co-found QUEST Education. Her goal through this educational center is to support students, including children, young people, and adults; in enhancing their knowledge, expanding their opportunities, and achieving success.