Berna Khoury

Berna Khoury

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioner who specializes with those who have food sensitivities, mold biotoxin illnesses, histamine intolerances, autoimmune illnesses, hormonal imbalances, parasites, candida and leaky gut.

Since every individual has a unique biochemistry, I do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all diet or wellness protocol. Instead, I use special functional nutrition lab tests to investigate and identify hidden malfunctions and imbalances that are at the root cause of your chronic health symptoms. Then, I develop a natural, personalized dietary and lifestyle protocol to help you heal and get rid of your chronic symptoms. 


My Functional Nutritional Programs:

- Help you identify the “root causes” of your chronic symptoms instead of managing symptoms individually with medications

- Improve digestion and bowel regularity and eliminate IBS symptoms

- Heal your leaky gut and reduce or eliminate food reactions

- Reverse chronic autoimmune symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and depression

- Nourish your immune system

- Balance your hormones and stabilize your mood and energy levels