Nadine Abdel Khalek Khoury

Nadine Abdel Khalek Khoury

Nadine Abdel Khalek Khoury

Life Skills, Soft skills, transformational behavior



Mrs. Nadine is a Certified Life and career coach, a facilitator and a trainer, she believes that giving is a secret to a fulfilling life. Always interested in growing and developing self and others, she is experienced in Management, HR, Life Skills, Transformational Behavior and Wellbeing.


She holds a Master degree in Business management and a D.E.A degree in Archaeology, she is an instructor at LIU, School of Business. She holds the designation of a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the International Coach Academy (ICA) in Australia & USA and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from The International Coach Federation (ICF) the only Governing Body of the coaches.


Being also a member in LCA /ICF Lebanon chapter, she has more than 20 years of experience in different fields and sectors (Private, NGO) and more than 5 years in facilitating workshops in MENA Region, as well as being actively involved, as a social activist in implementing development projects as the online Learning as part of the long life Learning program.


She was able to build my qualifications during the past years through different management and leading positions in Lebanon, in Kuwait and Qatar, that she has fulfilled during the past 22 years, where she developed her experience in communication skills, sustaining working teams and proven ability to overcome work challenges and deliver expected results meeting indicators of success.


She was able to invest all my work experience and transfer it in delivering courses, since three years, at Lebanese International University as an instructor in Management and HR department, teaching new generations students at School of Business.


As a Senior Coach and trainer with SMART Center, a training company in Lebanon and MENA region, she was able to develop training curriculums and deliver a weekly training for senior managers to develop their managerial and leadership skills, strategic planning and adjust organizational structures, employee performance review and motivation, conflict resolution, communication, anger and time management, emotional intelligence using training skills and coaching approach. , she facilitates coach and train managers on life skills such as self- development, Self-management


As a trainer and coach, she worked with different NGOs, targeting vulnerable groups and Syrian refugees in Lebanon (age group:14 yrs-25), she was able to provide clear training expectations achieving success for different programs and projects’ goals.


She still works as Business Development Chief in SMART center where she develops training curriculum. She also facilitates management and HR training for middle manager. She conducts group coaching and one on one coaching.


She is one of the main facilitator for Origin training company in Bahrain and Muscat, where she has delivered different training and group coaching for multiple industries such as Banking sectors, Governmental sectors, Technology and Research Centers sectors.