Ihab Badawi

Ihab Badawi

Ihab Badawi is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and an international catalyst of change who supports individuals and organizations to achieve their aspired leadership role. He manages a network that specializes in corporate consultancy, executive coaching and talent development under the name of IBG. Transformation is pivotal in all his work exploring and maximizing the inner potential of the people & organizations that Ihab works with. His cross cultural exposure in around 58 countries during the pas 22 years contributed to his capability to connect with individuals with various cultures, bridge gaps, develop team bonds and shape various leadership styles.

Ihab took on various senior management positions prior to his dedication to enhancing organizational leadership. He was a Chief Commercial Officer, a Vice President, and a Managing Director for various exemplary companies in the Retail, FMCG and Cosmetics industries across the MENA region, India subcontinent, and the ASEAN. His corporate experience includes business development, corporate management, culture reengineering, organizational restructuring, capability building and talent development.

As a Master Certified Coach he is passionate about the transformational impact of coaching and thus he acts as the Director of training for one of the prominent ICF accredit coaching academies – CMA. Thus, he contributes in building future professional coaches with an aim to build better leaders and make the world a better place. He also launched an initiative, The Coaches Circle, to connect coaches recently graduating to support each other and to serve NGO’s and various organizations, as part of giving back, by building leadership capabilities namely through his initiatives for Youth leadership & Women leadership through his YLA & WLP programs run at a regional level.

As he is a professional trainer, he has lead the training committee at the ICF Lebanon chapter while being a board member 18-19. He supports in designing hybrid development models which combine both training and coaching to ensure sustainable results. He is currently developing the platform for a new coaching academy which shall serve in advancing the human potential movement while also working on completing his book about transformational leadership under the name “The Journey of a Leader”.

 Ihab has recently launched an initiative to support the academic system in the MENA region in a step to support the youth – Building future leaders (YLA- Leadership Nation). He is now collaborating with various Private organizations & NGO’s to support the Youth, the Parents & the teachers in building future capabilities.

Ihab bases his passion around one simple idea: “Everyone can lead; whether or not they choose-to is a different story. We all learn about the key characteristics that make up a leader in our academic and professional years, but we often fail to understand that leadership is more about how it is practiced. Leadership is to be confident, beyond the shadow of doubt, to do what you believe needs to be done, and at the same time inspire others to do the same”.