Young Leaders Development  Program

Young Leaders Development Program

Young Leaders Development Program (YLDP) passionately believes that students of this region need hands-on life skills that enable them to build strong future prospects and competitiveness. Those skills include emotional, social, and positive competencies, entrepreneurial skills, leadership and management skills, agility, mindfulness, as well as administrative capabilities, such as teamwork, problem solving, critical & positive thinking, innovation and creativity, project management.

All these skills have been integrated into the YLDP making it a unique and powerful platform delivering solid and consistent results within a relatively short period of time. The program also aims at developing students’ professional knowledge and experience to make them commercially relevant to the market place, in different domains. Our contents are constantly reviewed and updated accordingly, so our students have the leading edge through collaborating with world class market leaders.

Lately, YLDP has executed two major boot camps in collaboration with two word class organizations, Nestlé Middle East located in Jabel Ali Dubai, UAE and Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy the educational arm of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom Establishment of SME Development.

On May 2017 YLDP was able to arrange, for the first time in Lebanon, a special visit for NASA Astronaut Dr. Donald Thomas to Lebanon where he stayed two weeks during which we had the opportunity to meet more than 30,000 students from seven universities and thirty schools scattered across the five districts of Lebanon.

In August 2018, also for the first time in LebanonYLDP launched the International Youth Leadership Camp under the leadership of NASA Astronaut Dr. Donald Thomas where over 250 young leaders joined the camp from twenty different countries.

In the last two events in Lebanon YLDP set a new standard for youth leadership training in Lebanon and the region and to capitalize on our achievements we are very proud to partner up with Quest Education to hold an amazing 2019 Summer Leadership Boot Camp between August 19 and 23, 2019 at Deir Al Oumara Hotel in Deir El Kamar; we are looking forward to continue our journey of developing the youth of Lebanon and to give them a unique, memorable and unforgettable learning experience.